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Objectives of the project
  • Create a new lottery system that is well integrated with other systems.
  • Build up a virtual wallet.
  • Ensure the system is able to react in milliseconds.
Objectives of the project
  • Labor Management – the goal is to manage employees, their skills and trainings, bonuses and salary reports based on reported work hours from Production Management.
  • Production Management – registration of employee working hours on a separate portal, a thorough overview of the resource situation for managers, approval of working hours and vacations, reference reports on resources and orders, orders forecast, product definitions, and other supporting functions
  • Finance Management – reports of sold working hours and other costs, reports of billing between cost centers
  • Quality Management entering and reviewing safety reports and internal audits; Key KPIs (OTD, TPT) reports across different entities
Objectives of the project
  • Create a robust budgeting system that can handle over 60 000 items
  • Ensure uninterrupted operations and zero downtime
  • Enable the administration of other business critical aspects
Objectives of the project
  • Develop a solution that would dramatically decrease the time to prepare financial quotes for employees and partners
  • Create an app that could work either online or offline
  • Ensure the use of best practises in UX-design
Objectives of the project
  • A unified search, to consolidate the knowledge in all the isolated systems
  • A role-based search, to tailor results to individual needs and permissions
  • Support business-critical processes

Rando Siimon

Business Development Manager

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